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What about rock?

February 21, 2011


Bernard Frize

February 13, 2011
Bernard Frize: And How and Where and Who

Bernard Frize at the Museum Leverkusen in Germany.

via Josh Spear

more work here

Nico, Cat Power, & The Velvet Underground

February 11, 2011

3 tracks from Nico, Cat Power, and The Velvet Underground

Early Nico, pre-Velvet Underground:
1. “I’m Not Sayin'” by The Beautiful Nico

Nico cover by Cat Power
2. “These Days” covered by Cat Power at the Fillmore last week

Velvet Underground song featuring Maureen Tucker
3. “After Hours” by The Velvet Underground

Inspiration Week 1: Indigo O’Rourke

February 10, 2011

I’m collecting work that I find inspiring to develop my work and establish a better photography portfolio. Send over anything you find inspiring and I’ll keep posting each week!

Check out this week’s inspiring artist profiled right now on booooooom: Indigo O’Rourke.

Drawings by Indigo O’Rourke. Melbourne, Australia.

Wax Tailor, Toro y Mio, and Ruckus Roboticus

February 8, 2011

….feelin’ eclectic / electro
1. “Que Sera” by Wax Tailor

2. “Still Sound” by Toro y Mio

3. “Never Play With Scratches” by Ruckus Roboticus

– what do we think?

painted photography

February 3, 2011

Cool painted photography series by John Armstrong and Paul Collins. Lens Culture writes about this series:

Cache-misère translates into English as ‘band-aid solution,’ and refers to a coat worn to hide shabby attire. cache-misère is the title of a series of colour photographs on which we paint images, text and swatches of colour. Our photographs and painted images record places, events and objects we come across in the course of our daily activities. The photographs are compositionally completed by the addition of painted elements that, to varying degrees, obscure the underlying picture. The painted images most often represent domestic bric-a-brac painted either from observation in the manner of a traditional still life or copied from illustrations. Our painted photographs are no longer seamless windows onto reality, but assume a new logic where any editorial narrative is complemented by the associative synergy found in abstract painting.

taken from lens culture.

From the series, cache-misère, © John Armstrong and Paul Collins

From the series, cache-misère, © John Armstrong and Paul Collins

From the series, cache-misère, © John Armstrong and Paul Collins


January 31, 2011

[click the image below to animate]

thx to artist David Phillips for this one of a kind Rock and Bacon .gif 🙂