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Three Graphic Novels For The Newbie

July 24, 2014

Three graphic novels for the newbie, like myself… All of them are available on the Image Comics iPad app. 

1. Saga: Power female & hunk fall in-love but are from different worlds. This mesmerizing series is narrated by their new bebe.

 2. Alex + Ada: A bit like the movie, Her, lonely man falls in love with his robot. 

3. Sex Criminals: Don’t be deterred by the title, it’s more like a modern romantic comedy. Great art makes it easy to fall in-love with these two: 

Stroll Down Inspiration Lane

July 14, 2014

I had an inspiration/motivation (burst?) about a year ago and put some thoughts down on laptop. If you’re stuck today, maybe you’ll like 1 of these 3 posts:

Stumbling on Your Calling

This Blooming Monday

What if you are Harry Potter?

Color Flush: 3 Photos by Julia Stotz, Olivia Frølich, Cassandra Warner & Jeremy Floto

July 10, 2014

Sometimes, nothing is more relaxing than an hour with my friendship bracelet kit (not joking). Colors are therapeutic.

Three photographs found on Pinterest that moved me lately because :

1. Bloom & Foliage by Julia Stotz (& Foxglove Studio)


2. “Visages Colorés De La Petite Fille Japonaise” | Josefine Vandt By Olivia Frølich

3. “Coulorant” by Cassandra Warner & Jeremy Floto

Songs of Summer: Kygo, Kiesza, and Roosevelt

July 7, 2014

Dusting off my blogging hat. Let’s jump right back in there.

Three of my favorite tracks this summer for drinking cocktails at a pool (or imagining you’re drinking cocktails at a pool):

1. “Younger” by Seinebo Sey (Kygo Remix)

– Soundtrack of both my summer AND recent trip to Stockholm.


2. “Hideaway” by Kiesza

-Those moves… Hard to get sick of this one.

3. “Black Tears White Lies” by Luca Vasta (Roosevelt Remix)

Tame Impala, Cloud Nothings, and Twin Shadow

April 10, 2011

hooked on these:

1. “Desire Be Desire Go” by Tame Impala

– One of the best things to come out of Coachella 2011. Put on a great live show that matched the setting sun in the desert perfectly.


2. “Hey Cool Kid” by Cloud Nothings


2. “When We’re Dancing” by Twin Shadow

– great 80s style. an insta-classic.


Looking for more? You can stream my playlist from march here or my april mix here

Broken Bells, Lykke Li, and Wavves

March 2, 2011

All new music this week:

1. “Meyrin Fields” by Broken Bells
– New Broken Bells!

2. “I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li

3. “King of the Beach” by Wavves
– This video has me hooked on Wavves lately…

New Strokes, Hundred In the Hands, and The Knocks

February 21, 2011

1. “Under Cover of Darkness” by The Strokes

2. “Sleepwalkers” by The Hundred in the Hands


3. “Dancin’ With The DJ” by The Knocks